Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Putting color on fabric

I love color. I love bright colors. There is nothing I enjoy more than putting color on fabric.

Over the next four days I will show you 4 different ways I have applied color to fabric. Some are a twist on traditional methods and some occurred as an accident while I was doing something else.

The first method I'd like to show is using wax. Wax and dyes are my favorite tools. On this first piece I used wax on a silk screen to apply color to yardage.

The next is ordinary batik. The twist is I used thickened dyes and scraped them on with a credit card. This applies such a small skim coat of dye that you can actually color the opposite side in another color.

This is another piece but you can see what I mean.

The last technique I used was applying the hot wax with a brush. First I used a notched foam brush and second dollops of wax from a large paint brush. I did this one on a piece of luscious soft linen. Yum!

Again I used a credit card and colored both sides differently.


  1. You fabrics are great! I especially like the piece that is purple on one side and yellow on the other. I'm very interested in working with thickened dyes. I hope we'll see more details on this this month!!

  2. Lovely fabric! Really like the idea of two sided printing in different colors.

  3. Can I ask more about the wax on the screen? So you put the wax on the silk screen and it acts like a resist and then you squeegee dye (thickened?) through it? Never thought about using wax on a silk screen before - way cool!

  4. I think one word you used pretty much sums up this whole post! YUM!!!!


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