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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So this is real life

I sure hope everyone checks out our blog tomorrow for the exciting new format for 2014 which will surely have our followers included and involved in the monthly techniques.

And now to put an end to this month's technique..
I know this has been a bit boring and a lot of the blame is that I've been pretty unwell, the weather is not cooperating with my need to have light and freezing me out of the wood shop. So sorry and I can guarantee I won't bore you again. My month next year will have us all up and active!!

I am still encased in ice and the temp was 3 this morning at 10. Part of the problem with my project was that the the color I painted the stretcher was off and the stretcher was a bit too big. Let's have a look.

These were the bags from which I chose roving.

When I tried to just using the Janome felter to joint the section they just raved and shredded

I knew I had to use some roving to cover the "seam' which seemed easy at the time and I do have to admit, if I was loving this I might have tried harder. I chose these two colors which actually matched well. I had to take these pictures in direct light but trust me they both looked good.

I picked this one

From a distance this doesn't look too bad. The color of the frame looks good in this pic but in reality it too dark plus I now want a 1/4" reveal and not an inch. I will use mat gel medium to attach it to the stretcher.

In this picture you can see the poor outcome with the needle felter. I cannot have UFO's. I don't know why but I have to finish everything and when I do - happy or not - will pop up the picture. Might be a while so in the meantime check our big announcement tomorrow!!!


  1. So is this your finished product, or is there more to come?

  2. Hi! An artist friend read about your results and asked me to pass along the following info.

    "I believe the problem wan't the Janome needle felter, but how she was using the roving. You need to use very light layers (i.e. wisps) and criss-cross them. If the roving fibers are all going in one direction it will not be successful.
    Also, what type roving? Merino felts beautifully but some roving, depending on the type of wool, does not felt as well."

    Hope that helps!


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