Friday, December 13, 2013


I think one of the processes that is really keeping me from moving forward on this project is the choice of materials. I had every intention of conducting (fabric) paint experiments on various thin fabrics and use layers of these fabrics to create my squares. I am hoping one day to use paint on these fabrics but I am looking for a new material to use to make this piece. Today I had an inspiration and I think it will be the perfect material to make this piece (working name "Rest"). 
This morning while "boiling" the knit bag I am felting, I decided to try acid dyeing a bit of felted wool. Not only did it come out but it captured the complex multiple colors I wanted to use to create the "feeling" of  rest.
I am going to start a few experiments with needle felting as well although the effect may not in actuality create the "feelings" I am intending. However that is the nature of  experimentation.

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