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Monday, December 23, 2013

Approaching the finish line and an announcement teaser

This piece will be done before the end of the week. I feel I should apologize for all the delays but when thinking about what delayed me, I realized this is most probably what happens to most (disorganized materials) people.
Ten day ago I started the worst health week ever and could barely get out of bed. Then I needed to cut my stretchers in the barn but it was -16 F. After the temps rose, I got them cut and spent almost an entire day looking for my BIG staple gun. Then came the ice storm so I am shooting photos with artificial light.

I will also start daily posts because we at the FIRE blog have some exciting news to announce and you may find yourselves quite intrigued by upcoming events for 2014!!

I have decided on a stretcher about an inch bigger on all sides to keep the image from floating yet not really "framed". 

I have actually used a plastic drop cloth - a miracle for me and glued and stapled the joints.

I tried an number of weights of cotton, canvas and linen and ended up with this medium weight linen. The directions (yes, another miracle, I read them) said not to stress the joints for 24 hours. I may or may not heed this warning. My room is very warm because I chill so easily during chemo so I may push the envelope, my usual MO and stretch later today.
Next up stretch as tightly as possible, gesso 2-3 coats then paint and use matte medium to attach. 
There will be other decisions so I will document them as well and the piece will hopefully be done in a day or two.

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  1. Lovely work...and I so understand the instructions thing. I usually think of the warnings as comments to cover the manufacturer and do what I want to do anyway...much the same as you? Here in New Zealand the opportunity shops often have old woollen blankets at reasonable prices. I haven't yet felt the need to stash them away. Hopefully that stays the same. It is Boxing Day here...but I hope you are having the best Christmas Day possible .


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