Friday, December 20, 2013

My final answer is.....

Since color is such a critical part of this piece, I have been agonizing over getting the colors to "say" just what I want. I got out the Janome felting machine and the green and blue roving and started to experiment.

 This felted blanket was a dream to felt. This was just the smallest piece of roving and it covered the white fairly well. On the right is tulle which was a disaster. It just shredded itself into thin air.
Physically I am not up to snuff and the thought of having to completely cover the dyed pieces with roving was not a pleasant prospect.

I saw a DVD on Nienek's website, bought it, watched it (amazing) and then understood the necessity to add multiple colors to achieve the color you desire. So I went back to my wet studio (kitchen) and started mixing colors I thought would achieve the colors I wanted.

You can see the color I arrived at by mixing three colors (top of dish). It was sort of an olive brown.

 I took the vinegar water and added a bit of black, yellow and orange to bring these pieces of felted wool back to the colors I wanted and hopefully" achieve some sort of complex hues and values to the piece. I have to say I was pretty happy with the outcome.

These are both sides of the felted wool

I really love this blue and certainly provokes the feeling of cool and sky.

The green is not as obvious in this photo but when it is dry I believe there will be many values of green giving the cool impression of grass and a stable earth.

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