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Monday, July 1, 2013

Nienke - Bubble printing on fabric - first try

This month, the resident artists of the Fireblog will share a new, or favourite or just funny to discover technique with you. Every 3 days, another, so stay tuned, you don't want to miss any post!

Starting with: Nienke Smit from the Netherlands, Europe.

After seeing these video about foam bubble printing with liquid food colours on paper with kids:

and seeing this: http://www.crayola.com/crafts/bubble-prints-craft/

I just had to try this with fabric!!! Unfortunately I soon found out that Procion MX is too heavy to stay in the bubbles, it lowers immediately back into the plate. And, because of the splattering, this is really not pleasant to try with Procion MX...

It also seemed impossible to blow bubbles with the (heavy) dye in the soapsolution...

So, after some thinking and experimenting, (I didn't want the foambubbles to reach my face above all!!) I created my own bubble- cup, from a fastfood cup with a cover for the straw.

Just cut a hole on 1/3 from the top, big enough to let the bubbles flow, and small enough to keep the cup in its original shape.

After that I put 15 ml. of dish soap in my cup, added 3x15 ml. of water and 5 ml. of procion MX 10% solution, and started blowing in my straw. (You might make a little hole with a pin in your straw midway, just to make sure that you never will get dye-soap-solution in your mouth by taking your breathe. Safety first!)
Soon the bubbles came out of the cup and dropped on the cloth. Leaving mainly stains on top of it :-)

But look, how nice the print is on the white plastic, right from the cup. I tried the same solution on paper:
Now we're getting somewhere, what a perfect bubble print after drying, while the fabric turned out messy:


But I didn't want a print on paper, I was looking for fabric, so I had to change plans. To be continued tomorrow!


  1. Fun, fun, fun for Colin and ME!!!

  2. This looks like a fun activity to do for adults or kids outdoors in the summer. I love the paper so I am tuning in tomorrow for part 2!!!

  3. I have had this thought in my head a long time, but I couldn't get past how to do it without the health and safety things. But I love your solution.

    Also, I love the bubble print on the paper and how it has created its own variety of shading.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Kan niet wachten tot morgen.... ziet er zo spannend uit.

  5. Cool, wordt een vervolgverhaal, je maakt het heel spannend.

  6. I can hardly wait till tomorrow!

  7. Could a monoprint be made of the bubbles on the white plastic? they are just gorgeous.

  8. I was thinking the same as Beata! Wonder if a monoprint would work with dyes... I'm waiting to see what your next exercise covers!

  9. Beata and Judy, what a great idea, I didn't try it yet, will leave that to you! Tomorrow my next step...

  10. First of all....thanks for trying (and posting) the problems you encountered so we can skip that part!! Can hardly wait until tomorrow. Just had a Smoothie so I'll be up-cycling that cup to a "bubble maker"!!


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