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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beth - Sloppy Monoprinting

I love to make a mess and I also love Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan so when I bought their book, which included a video, I immediately called my artist friend and partner in crime, Judith, the creator of this blog, for an immediate play date!!!

One of the techniques covered in the book and video (so seductive) was sloppy monoprinting.
Claire and Leslie suggested using ROLL plastic that has not been folded. We used folded plastic since we had to do it NOW. Since then I bought thick ROLL plastic at Walmart and keep it rolled to eliminate those incidental fold that can appear in the finished cloth.  Here are the process pictures:

First we used my 4' X 8' padded printing table covered in the folded plastic. We painted on with a brush thickened DYE which wanted to bead up. You can see the results on the cloth

Hung over the railing NOT to dry but to wait a few minutes while Judith applied more thickened DYE to the table.

Next came the second layer of dye. No need to wash the surface, Judith just painted more thickened DYE onto the table and printed on top of the previous print.

This piece of fabric was a previous silk screen "failure" so I repurposed it for our play date!!

Second coat over the smacked layer.


  1. Great show, these pictures. Explains a lot. Will you also show the results after using the textile

  2. Great fun!! A smacker? Really interesting. Love your results.

  3. Looks fun anyway.
    and ladies, where are your gloves! yikes. your skin is an organ of your body and absorbs the chemicals straight into your system...why patches for heart or pain or oestrogen or even nicotine work!
    Be careful we want you to still be playing years from now!
    with much care,
    Sandy in the UK

  4. ps what is a smacker? what do you normally use it for?

  5. wow! Forget fat quarters! :)

  6. LOL...You had ME at "Sloppy"!! Then saw the photos and I'm totally sold. Now to clear off my island!!

  7. You can read about smackers here:

  8. What a wonderful day you had. I won't be throwing out my plastic tabletop sheet when it gets too messy now, I'll keep it to make it more messy, and rolled! :-)

  9. That's a lot of fun! I always enjoy the dvd's of Claire and Leslie.

  10. I love also the books of Claire and Leslie, nice day you have and a great result.

  11. What fantastic results! Bet you guys had soooo much fun doing this.


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