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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

'Ta Luego from Diane Ferguson

Until I see you again . . . I'm sure we will bump into each other again somewhere on the net. The Fire blog has a wonderfully wide readership and I've enjoyed being a part of the fun. Beth found me because I love to comment! That was the cherry on top - starting conversations in the comments. Keep on commenting whenever you find blogs you like. There's no predicting where it will lead.

You can follow me on my blog at https://yarngoddess.wordpress.com/
I'm still writing about the textile tour I took to Guatemala last February.
Life intervened and there was the regional Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference - I was the official photographer and managed to take a great workshop with Anastasia Azure
Yes, there are gigantic safety pins woven into this copper bracelet. I can't wait to finish it! If some of the beads weren't rolled paper, I might have tried dipping this into liver of sulphur or singeing it with a blowtorch ... next time!


  1. Diane, Your bracelet looks fantastic! Your blog link here didn't take me to your blog but rather to Blogger.com sign-in. But I found it - https://yarngoddess.wordpress.com/

    1. That was weird - that was one of those stupid links put in by google I think. So I edited the post with the real link.
      Thanks, the bracelet was really fun to work on.

  2. ...Well, that link was your website, I guess!

  3. I am also trying to sign up to your blog...but cannot figure out how...

  4. Oh, sorry it's being difficult.
    Then you scroll all the way to the bottom to subscribe so that posts come to your email. Or you can add it to your reader - I use feedly.
    Thanks for searching - hope this helps.

  5. Thanks Diane for all you have contributed to the blog and readers information. I am so happy the FIRE blog will remain UP for quick reference.


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