Friday, December 23, 2016

Fun with failed fabrics

Sorry this is late

The the last technique of the month, I want to do some "experimental" dyeing on some weird pieces of fabric I will probably never use otherwise. This could make the difference in a winner or a loser. You can decide. My primary plan is to add color and subtract color. So how will I do this?

I am starting out with four pieces of fabric.

The piece above was a batik but instead of just dyeing it I scraped on some thickened dye the dribble on some more liquid dye. As you can see I used 2 variations on a theme,small and large.

This piece was awful fabric, coarse and low thread count. It was the first bolt I bought of PFD fabric. I never did that again. I am not really sure how the yellow and red swirls got the the white fabric but during a snow dyeing session, I grabbed it and piled snow over it. I LOVE the way the snow dyeing came out but it's unusable because of the red and yellow dyes.

These last two are cleanup rags. 

I do have a practical plan for these fabrics so I hope you will stick around and view the final outcome.

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