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Monday, December 12, 2016

A new twist (species) on an old design.

I do hope you like this "Beth" approach being the Crow lover that I am. This is another Corvid: Magpie

Just a breathtaking bird


  1. Very common in our farmyard. Nice selection of fabrics.

  2. It's strange about magpies. They are common in the western part of the US and present in Europe but not in the eastern US. Hmmm.... Do we see a new project shaping up here?

  3. I love magpies, but I'm confused. Am I missing some text to explain the fabric?

  4. Gorgeous bird. Are the fabrics a tease or did I miss something?

  5. Yes, It is a surprise called, A new twist in an old design. You'll see what is is Friday


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