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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Soy Wax and Screen Printing, more printed designs

Nothing new to learn today so you can sit back and just look at the pictures, and hopefully, spend time on your own creations. I've got befores, afters, and the fabric before it had been washed out. All are still on pre-dyed fabric.

This is a piece of cotton fabric that had been printed with an interfacing screen. I did  the first row of printing before I remembered to take a photo. I quite liked the colours but it lacked interest

This is what it looked like before being washed out.

I'm already liking this much better. Do you remember that I feathered the edges of one of the screens? This is the one and it has ended up making a secondary design where the two feathered edges met.

And washed out. Too much blue in there so I think this may get further treatment

This had also been printed with the same interfacing screen but in a different colourway.

Before washout it looks quite good

Unfortunately I should have used a stronger dye solution. That blue should be black or charcoal!

Have you ever dyed a piece which you are just not sure about, maybe it would work but it isn't speaking to you? That's how I felt about this piece of cotton.

Before washout

Drat, that feeble blue again!

I really like working with silk noil but I had had this one sitting in my box, being unsure, again, what to do with it. This time I only have a photo of the original and the piece washed out after being overprinted. I deliberately left the yellow strip down the middle unprinted as I have an idea what I might want to add to that.

Finally, remember that terrible deconstructed failure from the last post?

Not good enough yet, but at least better.

I hope to see you next time for using resists with the screens.


  1. I love the design, but would have liked to see your fabric with black. I would also like to hear more about using interfacing for the screen... maybe I missed in an earlier post. Can't wait for more!

  2. Maggie
    These are really interesting. Makes me want to do some experimenting.
    Was your black dye new? I only ask as I had a similar result with a black that I had for some time but of course I only discovered that once I had used it for dyeing!!!

  3. I have a lot of experimental pieces where i have to teach my own self how to do stuff. Never thought about overdyeing them........duh!

  4. Thanks Judy. Posts on using interfacing are coming up, you haven't missed them.

  5. Yvonne you are quite right, the black was an old batch that I was using up. I've since made up some fresh and am getting better results.

  6. Maggie,
    Forgetting to take a photo before you had completely printed was brilliant - that one tells us a lot! I quite like your results even if the black was not to your satisfaction. The piece with yellow slice is really engaging. I would put needle and floss to that immediately. Can't wait to see where you go with it!

  7. Gets me itching to get out those silk screens. I will next weekend for my 2 day silk screening workshop here in Maine.

  8. Been doing the same thing all week - using up some dye that may or may not be dead on pieces that need some sprucing up. Most of it had a surprising bit of life left in them! But I'm itching to start afresh! You're graphic screens are great!

  9. I just caught up with all of Maggi's posts. So informative and easy to follow directions! I know from experience how hard it is to get a good black black! Looking forward to following along with the rest of the month.


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