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Monday, July 27, 2015

Screen Printing, vilene interfacing and acrylic paint (2)

Just a short post today on how to make your acrylic paint design even more interesting when it is printed.

Be warned, if you loved your design as it was, then you might want to paint another one as this is not a reversible process!

All you need to do is, with a pair of small sharp scissors, cut away part of the area that you painted. This will leave a void in the design that the dye will print through. You can see below that I cut away a small piece from both seed heads. You can also see from this photo that the painted design is not affected when the interfacing is washed out.

This is what it looked like when printed. I used a plain piece of white cotton for this.

This is a more geometric design that I made quite some time ago. I put a piece of plain paper underneath so that the cut out areas would show up.

And the silk/cotton blend fabric that I printed with it and subsequently made into a top. The fabric was undyed before being printed.


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