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Friday, March 13, 2015

Second IRO Inspired Experiment

I made these two at the same time that I made the geometric piece so they share the same problems of the black lines smudging, smearing, and bleeding.  However I like them better than the geometric one simply because of the fluid lines.  Well, I also think the color combination is better too.  I think they turned out well enough to turn them into a diptych. Maybe if I quilt in black heavily around the black dye drawn lines it will help to contain the smearing, smudging, and bleeding.

They are both 60 x 18 inches of close woven cotton. I love this fabric because it just takes the dye so well. See how bright those colors are? Again I drew the shapes with a pencil before I started scraping the thickened dyes into the shapes.  I was free in following the lines since it was just a collection of fun flowing shapes.  I was also free with the thickness of the dye layers intentionally creating texture.  Knowing I was hoping to get the shading from the different thicknesses I always tried to scrape to accentuate the flow of the shapes.

You will notice that the squirted black lines are different in the two pieces.  The one on top is more free with the line placement.  The lines on the bottom are closer to outlines.  In person I like the top one with the free lines better but in the pictures I prefer the bottom one with the outlines.  Do you have a preference?

Here are some detail shots.

Brought to you Judith.


  1. Fun experiments! I like your colors, and I think the lines add to the overall composition. Did you work on a wet or dry surface when you drew the lines? Looking forward to more posts about your experiments with line drawing!

  2. I like the intentional layers of texture. I think I kike the free first lines.

  3. First, I am amazed at how large this piece is... wow. and the colors flow and move with much rhythm... beautiful!

  4. I think these are just awesome! Can't wait to try this.


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