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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First in Missed Beat Series

Recently I discovered that I have an occasional irregular heart beat.  Doctor says that most people have an occasional irregular heart beat and it means nothing.  In fact, now that I know it means nothing I lay in bed at night listening to my  heart beat and think it is cool when I hear (well, actually don't hear) the missed beat.

I am telling you all this in order to introduce my Missed Beat series.  I am taking a print class at UMA and am working with thickened MX dyes on fabric for my prints. Fabric is 60 inches by 36 inches. Now it is a print class so I am printing with multiple deconstructed screens rather than painting but drawing with thickened dye is included in the work.  And, the deconstructed screen is used as texture and specific shapes rather than just a one-off print of the screen.

Below are process pictures and then the finished piece.  I am pleased.  All that practice with drawing lines was definitely worth it.  Enjoy.

First layer batching under plastic.

A screen after deconstruction.

Brown paper to cover shapes while I work on the background.

Finished background.  Now time to work on the shapes.

I don't show  you but I used more brown paper to cover the background while I worked on the shapes.

And then I drew lines.

 Details of lines

Detail of background.

 Brought to you by Judith


  1. Hi Judith, love (your) deconstructive printing. Nice idea that brown paper thing!

  2. So fabulous and large and dramatic in person. The colors are more vivid in reality too. What an amazing piece.

  3. Love - Love - Love this piece! Thanks for sharing the process!

  4. This work is exciting! I look forward to seeing more. And to referring to it when I get out my screens next time.

  5. Really do like how this came together! I took a print making class years ago, but only tried etching. This is something I could do now that I have a large work table and thickened dyes already mixed up ...

  6. This is a neat piece. I have a thumping irregular heart beat. It is great that yours inspired you. I really enjoy seeing your process steps - thanks!

  7. I love this process, don't you! Excellent results!

  8. Love the background and brown paper masks
    t r a c y

  9. I really like the depth and richness of colour. Great tip about the brown paper


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