Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why hand stitched?

During the last 11 years I have been hand quilting, machine quilting - but for years my quilting remained just a secondary structure to the pieced top. I chosed hand quilting when i wanted to bring a kind of softness into the composition like in my Cityscapes #5.
Cityscapes #5, detail
Also in my big-sized Color Composition #1, 2 and 4 I've chosen hand quilting, which was still a secondary structure to the composition. 

Color Compositions #4 - detail
But slowly I got really attached to hand quilting and realized that for me it was more a personal mark-making process, unique and special. Like comparing commercial fabrics and hand dyed fabrics. So I asked myself, if quilting is a kind of mark-making and not just an utilitarian connection in between the three layers of the quilt, than it doesn't need to be a secondary structure.
Of course, I wasn't discovering something earth shatteringly new, just think of the trapunto quilts, but it made me look around and explore stitching as a mark-making, and especially the mark-making techniques in the arts. This exploration coincided with Dorothy Caldwell's workshop on Human Marks and I came to the conclusion that I can enrich my quilts by using stitching instead of quilting (here I mean quilting in a traditional sense). 
This process of exploration resulted in my Human Marks series, which I wrote up in my blog and which I won't repeat here. 
I wasn't only looking for visual inspirations but practical advices as well, like how to make my marks. I will discuss these inspirations next time.


  1. Impressive! Beautiful hand stitching!

  2. I had no idea this was hand stitched! The stitches are so uniform. I love the idea of "marks".

  3. Please, it would be nice for the readers to know who is writing the post. Is that possible? When a post is written in first person unless it is signed we have no idea who is writing.

  4. Janice, at the end is written who posted the piece - if not otherwise indicated she's the author.
    In this case: my name is Beata Keller-Kerchner.

  5. I'm looking forward to this month's series of posts! Good start


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