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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hand Stitched

This month I'd like explore hand stitching.I would like to muse why and when I use hand stitching, show my inspirations, share my experiences and if possible I would love to interact with you and hear what you think of the different aspects ... the more so if you have different opinion or an another experience.

I was so lucky and 5 artists have offered to join me this month, sharing their works and experiences with us. So let's start by introducing them shortly.

Margaret Ramsay is a British artist who has some strong and special hand stitched quilts and writes a very interesting blog.
Mags Ramsay: Gythion Glow, Detail
Mary Stori is a quiltmaker, instructor, lecturer, author of different books and DVD on embellishment, and, and, and ... Visit her blog to see more of her work.
Mary Stori: Lines
Penny Gold is a quiltmaker, who just like me and so many of us was inspired by Dorothy Caldwell's Human Marks workshop. 
Penny Gold: detail in beige, work in progress
Linda McLaughlin is not only a quiltmaker but she does beautiful and versatile surface design works  with stitching. For more check out her blog.
Linda McLaughlin: Indigo and Rust  #327 -  #333
And last but not least Erica Spinks from Australia who is a quiltmaker and a freelance writer and whose blog is so full of interesting informations on and about textile...
Erica Spinks: Fragment 2
So we hope, we could raise your interest and many of you will join us this month.


  1. Another great month to come!

  2. Wow, Beata! I'm really excited about this month's topic, and the artists you have gathered to discuss their hand stitching methods! I look forward to learning a lot, and have bookmarked their blogs to visit for more information. Thanks much!

  3. I've done some hand stitching but am SOOOO excited to explore it further!! Can hardly wait to start the month!

  4. This will be great! I am very excited about this month as well as "meeting" all these artists!!

  5. Another great month and I thought it was impossible to keep up the interest after last month. Very exciting!

  6. Yes, I think the different approaches will make this month really interesting. Thanks for following and for your comments.


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