Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello again's Mary Stori with my final guest post.

Today I'm going to share a technique that has become helpful to me when preparing my small Nuno or other wet felted wall art pieces for sale.  These little guys can be difficult to hang.  Using a traditional fabric sleeve with a wood dowel is generally too bulky.    
Instead I cut a 2"-3" square from felted wool and sub-cut into 2 triangles.  These are hand sewn to the top two corners.  Additionally, I provide a 1/8", or 3/8" diameter metal rod. (Found a most big box home improvement stores.)  It's cut to the appropriate width.  I smooth the sharp edges with a grinding wheel. 

However, there are times when after all the stitching is completed......I'm still trying to deciding whether a horizontal or vertical orientation is best.  In that case I add additional triangles to the other corners which allows the buyer to decide their preference.  The following is an example of one such piece.

CARNIVAL  10" X 7"
Artist Nuno felted wool, hand embroidered and bead embellished.

It's been a such pleasure to reveal some of the tricks I share with my students!!  Please visit my blog from time to time and say howdy!

Mary Stori
Author:  "Beading Basics", "All-in-One Beading Buddy", DVD -  "Mary Stori Teaches You Beading on Fabric", and "Embellishing With Felted Wool"
2004 Professional Teacher of the Year
Bernina Artisan


  1. And could you say a word about how the piece then actually hangs on the wall? Does the metal rod just rest on a nail or sit in a hook, or something else? Thanks! Looks really helpful for small pieces.

  2. What a great idea!!! I was having a difficult time deciding how to prepare some of my smallest textile pieces for a gallery show in April. A sleeve is just not practical. They don't make rods (that I can find anyway)short enough. This would be perfect! Thanks!

  3. I just read your posts!!! What great tips!!!! You are so clever, in addition to be such a great artist!!! Thanks again!!


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