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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dye results from Ineke

One of our readers, Ineke, sent some pictures of her experiments with LWI dyeing.

She put two pieces of fabric in a tray and noticed that there was still a lot of dye solution floating in the tray so she added another two white pieces on top of it:

What a great set of fabric!

With the remaining dye-solution, she created this fold shibori piece:

Another dyebath needed, so she added Jet Black (which is a blue-ish black)

So much more interesting if you keep making new layers of colour!

Two other pictures from her experiments:

Thank you Ineke for sharing!

This is what we call, 'Happy dyeing', hope that it inspires you to get the dye pots out of the cupboard! And please, share your results with us, you can always send an email to verfvirus at gmail.com.


  1. What lovely dyed pieces.
    I am definitely going to delve into dying when the sub zero temperatures leave us.I don't want to get into a huge experiment with out being able to do it out side.
    Another reason to want Spring to come to Southern Ontario Canada.
    Thanks for sharing Ineke!

  2. Like Jo, I'm thinking I should wait for the basement to warm up. Brrr, it is cold but these do make my heart warm!


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