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Monday, February 17, 2014

A 'bigger' tray for tray dyeing

A new post from Nienke:
I really loved the long, small pieces I made with the cutlery tray, but the only problem is, it's so small. So I decided to build myself a giant cutlery tray with my silk painting rack and plastic.

Actually, it was Vicki Welsh great post A new dyeing tool in august 2012 which was saved in my favorites, who inspired me to make this:

Same procedure, fabric sodasoaked, orange dye solution at the bottom, fabric placed on top of it, pouring blue dye solution over it, pushing it for about 2 minutes and leaving it for one hour:

Once you start rinsing, you can't believe that it's not completely mud, but that's a good surprise!

And after ironing:

Love the little details in the fabric!

Happy dyeing and thank you Vicki for this great idea, adjustable one-time-trays.


  1. What a great idea--I've been dyeing in my bathroom this winter and am limited to small pieces. Will definitely try a setup like this once it warms up and I can work in my cold garage again!

  2. Completely gorgeous! Thank you! I'm going to have to figure out a way to do this in the space I have available.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  3. What did we ever do before we had plastic film? This is absolutely gorgeous and I love all the incidental marks in the fabric. Great idea Nienke and Vicki

  4. Great idea, and I like Vicki's version too. Your fabric came out amazing, even better than your previous one! I really need to get back to dyeing soon...

  5. Very clever! Did you build the frame, or buy it? If you built it, could you say more about how you cut the notches in the wood? I'm wondering if you need a special tool to make those.

  6. Truly gorgeous! I will have to try this when I get back to dyeing in the spring.

  7. I was looking for my wall paper tray. This is great!

  8. Great set-up! and the fabric came out so fabulous!

  9. A gorgeous result to your ingenuity

  10. Beautiful. What a great idea Vickie and Nieneke!

  11. Hi there I love this piece of fabric, it reminds me of blood on ice. I really like the clear colours. Thanks for creating and posting! Very inspiring!
    Sandy Simmelink


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