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Saturday, June 1, 2013

June's Technique--Gelli Plate on Fabric

Finally there is a Gelli Plate large enough that I was willing to buy it!  My 12"x14" plate arrived just two weeks ago and I was eager to incorporate it into my surface design repertoire.  I started searching the internet.  I found many artists who use the Gelli Plate with paper but few that use it with fabric.  There is generally much less information for using it with fabric.   Have you had the same  problem?

I pursued my goal with great diligence and dedication and I did find some wonderful blogs of fabric artists who use the Gelli Plate very effectively.  Since June is my month to host the Fire Blog, I decided to reach out to the fabric artists who have mastered the Gelli Plate and ask them for some assistance. I asked three if they would "appear" on the Fire Blog and all three said yes!  Wonderful!  You are so going to love this month of lessons for using the Gelli Plate on fabric!   Here is the schedule for the month. 

June 1
I am introducing the topic,giving some basic information about the Gelli Plate, and announcing the three generous artists who have agreed to share their expertise with us this month.

June 8
Lisa Chin is our first artist. Her blog is Something About NothingHere is the Gelli Plate Tutorial with Leaves that made me know I wanted to ask her to join us.  I love printing using masks and stencils, particularly those that are picked from the back yard!  Her work is wonderfully layered!

June 15
Holly McLean has agreed to be the middle of the month artist to keep you engaged. Her blog is Through My WindowHer blog post incorporated her doodles with printing with the Gelli Plate.  Two of my passions incorporated into one artistic pinnacle!  She turns her doodles into hand made stamps and uses them to print.  AND she is going to teach us her technique!  Yeah!

June 22
Lynda Heines is our final artist.  Her blog is Bloom Bake & Create.  This is the blog post of hers that made me think of Beth Berman who loves to print with her collection of potato mashers.  Since Beth and I are constantly on the lookout for non-art tools to use in making marks in print, Lynda won my heart!

I am excited by the plans for the month.  I hope that you are too.  So get out your Gelli Plate, acrylic paints, fabric, and stamping tools and get ready for fun.

 As soon as I figure out how, we will have an opportunity for you to  link  your posts on Gelli Plate printing here, at the bottom of this post.  Please, all month long post links of your art work using the Gelli Plate here.

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  1. I have a large Gelli plate that I haven't had a chance to use yet. I am REALLY looking forward to all the posts this month. Thanks Judith.

  2. I supose you know http://gelliarts.blogspot.com

  3. I am set to play! Can't wait to see what the 3 artists come up with.

  4. oooh -- I've been wanting one of these things -- now I have the perfect excuse to buy one!

  5. Just found your blog and since I've been using my 12 x14 for fabric I'm excited to see what others are doing. Like you I have been surfing for folks who gelli on fabric! Thanks for doing this!

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  7. Hi- I posted a link to my short blog post. I was sunprinting and working(playing) on my gelli plate using leaves as resists. I used both paper and fabric. I hope it is relevant enough to include in your links.


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