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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching Up

Ok...first order of business is to post the ONE thread thingie I've ever done.  Thread painting? I'm not sure.  I do have thread painting coming up on the Pecan project.  Perhaps to be done this month.

Next....I don't have, nor can I afford, Gelli Plates.  But I wanted to participate and  I HAVE done gel printing (hope that is OK even though it is not with Gelli Plates). Below are the results I got from plants gathered on a day out.  I used plain gel mixture, let it firm up in a metal tray from the dollar store, painted it and then used the botanical items as a mask.  Then I also took the botanicals and used them as a stamp with the paint that remained on the side placed on the painted gel. I especially like the gel when it starts cracking after several uses.  But that might just be me and my love of crumbly, decaying things.

So hope it is OK to post plain old gel printing.......If not, the admins are free to delete this post. I won't be offended.  All the above could just as well be done with Gellis I'm sure.


  1. These are great, Kelly! I hope to harvest some leaves from the yard to use in my experiments... you have some wonderful examples here!

  2. These are beautiful. I've been printing with gel and just bought a Gelli Plate ($20 off my order was the encouragement I needed).

    I'm off to "play" with my new toy.
    I'll post some on my blog,

  3. Wonderful prints. Hope you use them to make some art. I made a gelatin plate yesterday and hope to make some fabric with it today.


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