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Monday, February 11, 2013

More snow dyes

I couldn't resist the fresh, powdery snow outside today, so I dyed some more - a couple scrunches and a couple I did with simple folds.  The first two are the folds, and I used some liquid dyes of undetermined ages.  
I keep them stored in the garage, and they were frozen when I brought them into the house, so I figured I was safe using them!  Here are the folded pieces:
This is a simple accordion fold where I folded the piece in half then accordion folded the double thickness. 

This piece was folded in half, then I loosely swirled the fabric before adding the snow.  Both pieces were placed in a plastic storage bin, then the snow was added, then dyes added randomly using a measuring cup with a spout.  Here's what the bin looked like:
I used Turquoise, Fuschia, Soft Orange, Orchid and Deep Purple on the pieces above.
 Next, I scrunched a couple of pieces of fabric, placed in another container, added the snow, then sprinkled dye powders:
Here is the second bin, batching.

Here is one of the two pieces from the second batch

And here is the second piece.
I used Golden Yellow, Soft Orange, Hot Pink, Robin's Egg Blue and Moss Green on the two pieces above.
I batched both bins for about 6 hours, plenty of time to allow the snow to melt and the dyes to bond to the fabrics.
I have about 4 more pieces of fabric that I plan to snow dye over the next couple of days.  I may do at least one with just a single color, just to see how it comes out.  Normally, I  combine several colors, but I'm in 'play' mode, so can't hurt to try something different!  Oh, and I think I may do a parfait snow dye as well, just to see how it comes out compared to my multi-color versions of single layer dyeing!
On another note, I promised to try and finish a project this month using some of my dyed fabrics from the first couple of posts, and I'm happy to say I am well on my way to having a piece ready soon, so be patient just a little while longer!


  1. Beautiful results! LOVE the interesting patterns that developed. Could replace the inkblot test :-)

  2. I LOVE the swirled piece. I'd REALLY have trouble cutting into that one.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the parfait. I was intrigued after reading the article in Quilting Arts, but haven't tried it yet.


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