Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 2: And the Winners Are...

Just in case anyone thought I was joking about drawing names from a hat...

I traded some hand-dyed fabric with a friend who knits for this hat.

Sue's book and sketchbook go to:

Robin Walston said...

Thanks for the review. I think about doing an art journal but so far have lacked the discipline. My favorite medium is fabric

Melanie's book goes to:
 Colleen Kole said...
My medium is textiles and I love to dye my own and make all kinds of marks. My favorite book I purchased this year is a used copy of Julie Caprara's book "Exploring Colour".

And the sketchbook with my handmade cover goes to:
Katherine said...
would love to win any other these

I want to thank everyone who commented -- all 53 (!) of you.  I'm glad I used the hat because there were so many kind and encouraging comments I would have loved to have sent stuff to all of you.
I will let Sue and Melanie know who won and they should be contacting you shortly.  

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  1. aw, cute, and our hats are off to you, too. :)


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