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Saturday, November 24, 2012

An introduction to Ann Vanherle

I thought I might whet your appetite a bit and show you the blog posts that really caught me eye and made me think, "Boy, this woman would be a great addition to the FIRE blog".
I think I found the link to Ann's blog on a Nederlanders blog. Sometimes I just go through the list of blogs a person I follow likes or follows themselves looking for something or someone new and interesting. This was the post that really had me hooked. These have been translated by Google and are a bit stilted but you get the general idea.



My work I started with Leslie Gabrielse am I finally finished. The ladies of easy virtue their plumes go in all directions and make it work now into a whole.

Meanwhile, a first jewel created. Is quite large and made with silver plated wire and natural pearls.
Friday was a high day and everyone who knows a little work of Béjart, certainly recognizes this picture. The end of "The Rite" a work in 1959 for the first time in Brussels was danced. Now as beautiful as ever.Meanwhile, for the following year in Tilburg still dance booked.

By the way, with Google Chrome, the blogs in foreign languages are automatically translated into English or whatever language you choose.


  1. Yes, she makes such beautiful work.

  2. Welcome! I LOVE abstract art (and jewelry).You are a great addition to the group. I'm anxious to get to know you better.

  3. Welcome Ann, your work is great and as I know from your personal blog, you are very willing to share. That's why you are a great addition to the group!

  4. What wonderful work -- I love the colors and textures.


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