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Sunday, October 7, 2012

What happened when I tried

 These are what I wanted to use but I was afraid that the plunge from boiling water to ice water would shatter my glass eggs and rocks.
 So I opted for plastic buttons most well over 50 years old.
 This was the fabric I choose hoping it WAS polyester. I couldn't think of anything else it could be. This was organza from Joanns. Joann has tons of polyester. I even got satin polyester for the transperse dyeing.

 wrapped buttons and I thought why not wrap the excess too.

This is in the pot of boiling water but again I was afraid the fabric floating on top wouldn't get hot enough so I popped the steamer on top to hold the fabric under water.

Ice water
 one side  -  swish then
the other side. Left it in the ice water an hour (because I was working on two projects at once.
 draining on a towel.
All in all I love the result. Thanks Nienke for an excellent challenge.


  1. Ooh! I like it! Looks like jellyfish! Too bad I don't think I have a single polyester scarf in my collection... donated them to the local thrift shop last year!

  2. This is beautiful! I went to my thrift shop looking for poly scarves and didn't find a one (wrong season), but I did score a nice silk one.

  3. I LOVE the results of this technique. I can't wait to try it but am out of town for now. I'm curious how the buttons held up in the boiling water. Were any of them plastic?

  4. They were all plastic and old. One button was something else and really old and kind of yucked up and stained the organza. One button I realized was an old tortoise shell button and didn't use it thankfully. It was great fun. I know I have a big bag of marbles but I can't find the. Oh well. I brilliant technique. Thank you Nienke!!

  5. It is great!!! I love the subtle colourchange, and the nice 3D effect! If you can´t find poly scarves, think of net curtains? Actually, almost every synthetic sheer fabric I can think of is polyester. And if it not, still try it, it will quite definitely deform as long as it is a synthetic fibre and therefore vulnerable for heating.


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