Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stones and 3D Shibori

Well I was all excited about doing this month's technique and eagerly scouted the local thrift stores for  polyester scarves.  Sadly, it's the wrong time of year for that here in Wisconsin.  I thought that with all the Halloween stuff, I would find all sorts of poly scarves, but nooooo  (although I did score a lovely navy blue silk one that I plan to use in a discharge experiment).  I did find one scarf of dubious origin and some sheer curtains that I thought might work.

I was thinking that some mushrooms would look really good on a piece I've been working on, so I took some small river stones that I have been hoarding and tied them up in a chunk cut from the curtains.  I also tied some up in the suspect scarf and boiled them up together.

And it worked!  I only tied up a small corner of the scarf, thinking I might try some other shibori-style tying if it worked.

Here is a close up of the scarf and its lovely bubbles.  It's still wet in the photo.

And here is the sheer curtain.  The scarf seems to have bled and turned it a soft shade of blue.  Not sure what is going on here -- I'll have to try it again without the scarf.  But I love the shapes!


  1. Ooooo Karen, I love the scarf. It looks like it really molded nicely to the shapes. This was a fun project.


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