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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disperse dye and 3D shibori

After my first tries of commercial fabric, I wanted to create a polyester basepiece myself, so I made a nice piece with bubble-gum-colours (see my blog for more pictures).

This time, I collected some pebbles from our gardenpath, and tied them in as before:

I hesitated to proceed because I liked the way it is now, so delicate and subtle colours, and still a ´stonish´ look. But you are waiting for the next part so, let´s boil it:

Oops, what was I thinking... the transferdye cannot stand the heat and the not-tied fabric became sort salmon-orange all-over...

Now I understand why people like computergames. Just game-over and reset to one stage earlier ;-).
But I had to continue and unpack the pebbles. Luckily, part of the bubble-print was saved in the binding!

But the 3D effect is much less then expected. So, I had to conclude that this was not polyester... I guess it is what we call viscose. Not purely synthetic though the fiber is made artificially, the base material is cellulose, often used in linings.
If I iron it again, all is gone I guess, so I will never iron it ;-).
Will try again with polyester and pebbles before the end of October!


  1. I still like the result !! greetings from liesbeth

  2. wist niet dat je hier ook een Blog hebt...ik vind de resultaten ook zo mooi, het lijkt wel of je krimpfolie hebt gebruikt....!

  3. I think I like this even better than the more defined texture. It is just more delicate. I can definitely see it in a quilt as is.


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