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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Inspired by the wholecloth monoprinting this month, I wanted to see what I could do with the linocut I finished earlier this year of a rosarium picture made by Aart during his stay in Italy.
I printed this on white cotton and on blue dyed fabric.

I used thickened procion (black, double concentrated) which came out quite crisp.
After rinsing, drying and ironing, it´s time for a second layer, the leafs and some flowers.

I used a stencil and again, thickened dyes. I wanted the colours to blend a bit, not so crisp as when I use paint. I am pleased with the final piece:

I can see the clouds through the roof ;-). Ready for quilting.
I tried another piece, with white fabric as a base:

Again, I used thickened procion dyes with a small amount of soda-ash added to the dyepaste, and another stencil to fit up the ironwork:

I didn´t like the crisp printed result, so I sprayed the piece with water:

Now it will blend a bit while batching, gaining more interest, this is the final ironed piece:

I prefer to work with the thickened procion dyes, even knowing that they are more difficult to handle then for instance acrylic or textile paint. The outcome it is much more a surprise (which I am looking for) after batching, rinsing, drying and ironing. Let´s get to the sewing machine now!


  1. Amazing. I love the patch of blue sky through the roof top. Just wonderful. That lino cut looks like it was a huge job but with fabulous results.

  2. These pieces are absolutely beautiful! I love the look of the clouds in the sky on the first one. I'm anxious to see them quilted.

  3. Love to see what you're doing with the rosarium!

  4. I don't understand how you did it with the stencil. Is it an stencil that you buy somewhere?

  5. This is very beautiful, Nienke, especially the one with the blue sky.

  6. The one with the blue sky is beautiful.

  7. Its beautiful especially the one with the bleu sky.


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