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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Monoprint

Here is the finished fabric. It is a monoprint because I used a matrix to make the design.

I made a collage out of buttons like Rebekah suggested in her book.  I hot glued the buttons onto a sheet of fun foam.  I decided to do it on the fun foam so that it would be more flexible to accommodate different button heights.

Because I only wanted to print the buttons and not the background, I trimmed the edges of the fun foam.

I first tried a fabric paint but it did not work well.  I think the paint was just too thick.  I tried just some thinner craft acrylic paint and it worked fine.  Here is the paint on an acrylic plate I used as a palette.

I dabbed  paint onto the buttons using a foam brush. You can see where I have already printed it onto the fabric once or twice already.

If you take a really good look at the finished piece you will see a couple of different types of marks.  First I turned the fun foam upside down and stamped it on the fabric.  That got the paint off the high part of the buttons.  After I did that for a while, I noticed a build up of paint in the middle of the buttons where it was lower and around the edges of the buttons.  So then I put the fun foam face up on the table, put the fabric on top, and patted it with my hands to get the low places. 

 I printed on dry fabric but I think it would have taken the paint a bit better if the fabric had been slightly damp.

Just a couple more pictures of the fabric in process.

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  1. Oooh -- I love the circles. I wonder if you stamped on fabric placed on a soft surface (like covered batting) if it would work better.

    Aren't hot glue and fun foam great?


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