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Monday, May 28, 2012

Playing with Stencils

IN the scrapbooking section of the local Joann's store, there are these laser-cut papers that looked like they would make cool stencils.  So I bought a few on sale and tried to figure out how to use them.  They're made of heavy paper, but I wanted to use them to stencil dye on fabric.

Well, Mr S came to the rescue.  In his own personal stash he had some stuff that he uses to coat the handles of tools with rubber so that they have non-slip grips.  Why not try it?

So after a test on some notebook paper, I sprayed it on my laser-cut paper and it worked!  It made my paper stencil usable with wet media.

Alternatively, I suppose I could have just used paint, but this was too cool to pass up.  Mr. S claims it comes in different colors, so I could have had something in other than basic black.

I had these boring hand-dyes, so I stenciled on some thickened dyes.  But the dye wasn't strong enough (it's been in my fridge for a while) and it's better, but still pretty boring.

I was too impatient to do more dyes.  So I got out my Setacolor paints and rolled on some fuchsia and purple.

And voila!  Much more interesting.

I had these boring bits from my deconstructed screen printing experiments.  So I made up a plate with cardboard and hot glue and used these colored pencil sticks to rub the design onto the fabric.

I really liked the circular feel of Nienke's Rosarium (here) And I tried to get the feel of it without copying her work.  --Still pretty boring.

So I took a cue from her and stenciled on flowers and leaves and sprayed them with water.  I'm not crazy about mine.  Maybe it needs some gold?  I think that the paint colors fight with the background color.  And the circular thing just isn't happening at all.

But for this side, I used a mixture of golden yellow and purple paint and just rolled it on over a stencil of leaves and I love this one.  The colors are much better together and I could see using this whole or cutting it up.  


  1. Thanks for the tip on making the paper sturdier. I've thought about buying a couple of those sheets but didn't think they'd hold up to more than one session.

    Great to see what you've been doing. I spent yesterday dyeing and sunprinting. Oh, so much fun! Again thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh! This looks promising! I just ordered some stencils and a DVD on stenciling... should have it this week. But now I must go back by Jo-Ann's to see these papers, and I love the spray cement idea! I think you're on to something here...

  3. We love this technique, but have had no success in finding Rubberized-It. We've searched online, Home Depot, Lowes, even Harbor Freight
    Would you please tell us where your husband found it
    Thanks, Diane and Patti

  4. Hi
    I am new to your blog,and I was reading about how you used the product Rubberize-It with laser papers to make your stencils usuable with wet media. Great idea, however I would like to know where you bought the spray?
    If you would be so kind as to tell us, I am sure myself and others would be grateful
    Thanks, Shirley


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