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Friday, March 16, 2012

Deconstructed Screen Printing...Washed, Dried, and Ironed--Quilter Beth

Let me repeat...this was my first attempt at deconstructed screen printing. I like the results, so I may be doing more of it. I'll have to see if the fabric is something I will actually use or just "pet!" It seems I have a collection of fabrics I don't want to use up. I like to look at it and touch it but using it...not so much. This fabric may fall into that category.

I'll show you my favorite first. This happens to be the last screen I worked with. It is my largest screen. The texture on the prints from this screen is more defined than on the others. I am a little surprised that the fuchsia color is so prominent. I used less of the fuchsia tinted print paste than any other.
This is a detail shot of the Screen 3 print.

This is a picture of my very first screen attempt.
 This is a close up. (You might remember that this is the one that came out so light that I wasn't happy with it. I used orange print paste and scraped it over the top of the original print with a credit card.)
This is my second screen. I'm not crazy about the yellow stripe down the middle.
This is a detail shot of screen 2.
This is a technique I had been wanting to try for quite some time. Thanks to Beth's great tutorial, I was able to give it a shot. It was fun to do--a bit messy--but a lot of fun.


  1. I LOVE this technique. What great fabric. This is a perfect first step in making multi-layered art cloth. Woww-ee-wow-wow. I LIKE

  2. I like these -- like Beth says -- they're perfect first steps.


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