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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deconstructed Screen Printing -- First Attempts

 I had trouble with this at first.  I got two screens made and happily spread thickened dye all over them.  My results were, to say the least, uninspiring.

After a frantic couple of emails to Beth, I figured out that I was trying to spread dye thickener that was just too thick.
 So my first two -- here they are washed and ironed -- were pretty blah.  The top one looks better here than it does in real life.
 But after I used thinner print paste to make my prints, I got much better results.
And I really like this last one.  I currently have two more batching and two screens drying.  I'm still waiting for Mr. S to produce the frames for a couple more screens.  Hopefully, I'll have more results next weekend.


  1. I have decided to set up my screens and attempt to used the deconstruction to "print" on scarves. This should be interesting. All these experiments people are trying are getting my appetite whetted for more adventures!

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