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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Plastic fabrics

Last weekend I assembled some supplies to create some plastic fabric. I used saran wrap and paints, adding a layer of plastic and some paint til I had about 6 layers built up.

Then I covered with parchment paper and ironed it til it was fused together. It was pretty quick, I had two sets made in a few minutes.

I then took the fused "fabric" and sliced it into squares, rectangles, and cut some into circles.

I sewed some of the circles onto a piece of gauze-like fabric using a free motion stitch. It was kind of hard on my sewing machine, as the paint was too thick in parts, and kept gumming up my needle. If I ever do this again, I think a light wash of paint would be better for my machine.

This is a portion of the sewed piece, held up to my window so you can see the translucence and the stitching--

Another piece I created the same way, except I used squares instead of circles. Then I cut into a square, put a piece of ribbon through it, and now it's a homemade Christmas tree ornament.

This is a piece created using one of the plastic fabrics, cut into squares, then mounted onto a piece of a hospital laundry bag that dissolves in water, kind of like the dissolving stabilizers. My friend at work, Eileen, gave me one yesterday after I saw her blog post about them. I just sewed straight lines on the piece, instead of doing any fancy stitches, and then melted the laundry bag away.

This piece is going to be cut up, too, but I'm saving it til my week off after Christmas when I might have a little more free time!


  1. You did some very cool experiments with this technique. I'd like to see these in person.

  2. You know, I think what you did is the benefit of working with a technique as a group. I would never have thought of doing what you did! Now I will try it and maybe add something of my own. And so it goes.


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