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Monday, October 31, 2011

More With the Heat Gun and Lutradur

I used leaf stamps and Jacquard Lumiere paint on the heavier lutradur.  I let it dry, then I cut them out and blasted them with the heat gun set on HIGH.

I straightened them out while they were still hot (yes, I have burnt fingertips to prove it.)  I'm not crazy about these.  I will probably get out the paints and add a layer of color.
 These are the lighter weight of lutradur.  I discovered that they look much nicer with the heat gun set at the lower setting and some extra patience.  The "leaf" on the upper right was done on high, with the other two on low.  It took a bit longer, but the result is more what I was hoping for -- a kind of lacy result.

Again, I used the lower heat setting; but a much nicer result, I think.  A little more heat and a little more patience would benefit this one.
And because it's Halloween, I just had to use the spider web stamp.  I used the high setting on the heat gun and it's almost dissolved.  But still spooky, if you're into that...


  1. The second and third set of photos are really lovely! Gorgeous!

  2. These do look great (2nd set)...have you tried using parchment paper on top and an iron rather than heat gun?


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