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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Melting Ice Cream (wrappers)

I saw this somewhere and I thought I would take one for the team and eat an entire box of ice creams. That of course was before I stopped eating sugar and grains BUT I still have the ice cream wrappers. In another burst of team camaraderie, I thought I would try painting and melting these little puppies.
Here is the self explanatory process I followed:

The wrapper

Time to paint with artists acrylics

Two pieces before the heating process

Heated with a heat gun

What I found was that the ice cream wrappers melt/blister into smaller bubbly sizes as in more textured than Tyvec while holding their shape better as in not curling into a ball - they stay flatter. They are also easier and more fun to acquire except now I will have to buy the ice cream for other people and ask them to carefully remove the wrappers without tearing. I like this product a lot but now will have a bit of a resentment while other people eat ice cream I bought!! Perhaps the beautifully textured surfaces of these pieces will be enough of a consolation; they are quite beautifully textured.


  1. too much fun!!! This works with potato chip bags as well.....eat the chips, clean the bag, turn it inside out, paint, heat......great texture...oh and by then you'll likely need a snack... so eat more chips :-)

    Oh the sacrifices we make for our art

  2. Wow, these are great. I may make the sacrifice and down some ice cream for the sake of art.


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