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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Better Late Than Never--Fugitive Media

I FINALLY got to play with my colored pencils and chalk pastels today. I had intended to do it last month (since this was last month's technique), but...life stepped in! I must say, I like the effect. This is the original fabric--a piece I had snow dyed this past winter.
This piece always reminded me of the geyser pools I had seen when we went to Yellowstone several years ago. My favorite was Morning Glory. The colors in this piece were wrong for that, but I used pictures of Morning Glory for inspiration. I wanted to define the outer circular shape a bit more and emphasize what looked to me (and to Judith when I got to meet her in Indy this past week) like bubbles.
(The difference is way more subtle in the pictures than it is in person.) I used the chalk pastels to emphasize the edge of the "pool" and add some shadows around the "bubble" areas. Hopefully, it gives it a bit more dimension. I used a little colored pencil too, but that barely shows up on this piece.
 Close Up of Fugitive Medium on Snow-Dyed Fabric

I now can visualize how I will hand quilt this piece (if time permits)...organic lines out from the edge of the pool and lots of circles for the bubbles within the pool. I even found some silver embroidery floss that I might use to give it a bit of shine--like a reflection. I might also add a little shine with a bit of metallic paint.

Thanks Judith for sharing this new technique...now on to "setting things on fire!"

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  1. This looks lovely! And don't feel bad, I still have two more fugitive media posts to do! (Although perhaps I'll combine them in one.) ;)


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