Monday, May 16, 2011

Marble Crazy

Hi All,

Sorry I am so late posting my marbling play day with Kathy Molatch. We had a great day and learned a little more about marbling. However, we also learned we need to know a lot more.

As Kathy mentioned, I mixed the Carageenan without putting Calgon in it. My water is hard and really needed the water softener. We mixed it in later but I don’t think it did as well as it would have if I had put the Calgon in from the get go.

Here is a start on what I want to accomplish. The problem is the paint did not stay where I wanted it.

I sort of like this one but still not quite what I want.

At the end, we got a little funky. I am a what-if kind of gal. So………..

This was not as great. I used transparent purple first and then it was hard to work the opaque paint afterwards.

Here is a picture of my days marbling.

I had a great day and hopefully will find some more time soon to try again.


  1. I totally love your stuff. I am not a fan of marbling when it is just a comb through different colors--not enough meaningful pattern for me. But I love your flowers and circles! I need to know how to do that. More directions please.

  2. Hi Judith,

    Thanks. The flowers are done by making circles by dropping the paint in one spot. Sometimes I add two or three drops on the first color. Then drop a different color in the middle of the first and continue to drop different colors until you are happy. Using a wooden skewer or knit needle or something similar, pull into the center from the outside of the circles (GENTLY).

  3. Oh my gosh Rosalita, I LOVE your pansies! :)

  4. These are gorgeous - love the flowers!


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