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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday AMA's #2

It's time for another Friday AMAs - Ask Me Any question.

I promised to go slowly so that anyone who's really interested in learning my techniques can do so.
Here's your chance to Ask Me Any (AMA) questions you have.  It could be about the techniques we learned so far or whatever you need to be answered.

If you're not following along but you have questions on another topic feel free to ask. 

Everyone is welcomed to jump in with their answers opinions and follow-up questions, This is intended to be a community discussion time.  So it's open to all.

It'll be nice for you to also share your work in progress. I’ll be waiting.

Warmest Regards,


  1. Silk is wonderful to work with--if stabilized. Also, by using silk thread you can achieve finer details-with practice.
    Pat F in Winnipeg

    1. Sounds like fun. I've got to give silk a try sometime.

  2. Any advice on how to choose a good color of thread to use?

    1. Ruth, that's one of those questions with "it depends" as an answer. First, let me ask what you're trying to do, then I may be able to better answer your question.

  3. Do you find you get very tense as you sew? If sew, how do you deal with it?

    1. No, I actually find free motion stitching very relaxing and meditative.

      I think when I was learning there may have been a time when I was tense when I sewed.
      But I believe it was mostly out of concern for getting it wrong or making mistakes.

      But as my confidence increased I began to relax. And now it's really fun. I can sew for 6 hours or more taking only short breaks for stretching.

      So, my advice is to just keep practicing. As your confidence grows and you feel like you're now the boss; and you can get the sewing machine to do what you want, you'll find yourself relaxing more. :-)


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