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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sun Printing By LuAnn Kessi Part 3

Sun Printing

Guest: LuAnn Kessi

I am sun printing……with a quilt in mind.

This photo album cover is my inspiration!

Prints…..drying in the back yard:

I use foam core boards to paint the fabric and

transport it out into the sunshine to dry.

Here are the results of my day:

Wooden letters made a great resist…

Ferns, Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves…

Queen Anne's Lace

I plan to use these sun prints in a Quilt...

The potential Quilt is hanging on the line!

Botanicals covered with paint…

 Time to Clean Up:

I hope you get busy with paints and fabrics

and spend the day in the sunshine!


  1. I am really curious to know how you got the Queen Annes Lace to flatten out and stay on the fabric to give you a good print! These all look beautiful and I'm sure the quilt you make will be gorgeous.

  2. What great deep colors. That is something I have trouble with -- getting the colors so deep.

    Sigh. Love yours so much.


  3. fabulous...
    and a note about the Pebeo paints..apparently they are reducing their line of transparent paints(so I am going to buy a whackload of it).
    How do you get such brilliant colours? Mine usually are much paler.

  4. What a great quilt project!

  5. Colors are GREAT!!! So vibrant!!!


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