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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sun Printing By LuAnn Kessi Part 2

Sun Printing

Guest:  LuAnn Kessi

Get out the brushes….let's sun print!

Alder Leaves and rock salt on painted fabric…

The leaves lay flat and made a great resist

The more contact your resist has with the fabric,

the better the sun print will be.

Tulip Curtain

Here's the first peek…

This will be a FUN piece to machine quilt!

Sheer Curtain Panel as a resist…

Another FUN piece to machine quilt.

Cheesecloth as a resist…

Here's the first peek…

Cheesecloth works GREAT every time!

Rock Salt and Plastic Snowflakes…

Curtain Panel…

The curtain panels lay flat and always get great results!

Also, the hotter the day, the better the prints.

Plastic Wrap on Black Painted Fabric…

This makes a great landscape fabric…

rocks, mountains, pavement.

Botanicals I collected while out walking…

I hope I have inspired you just a bit…

Next time the sun shines…..get busy and sun print!


  1. Wow! I am new to sun printing, and these posts have really opened my eyes. Now I need to buy more paint, as the test bottles I bought surely won't last me through the next sunny day!

  2. Love the plastic wrap and the curtain the best!

  3. The cheesecloth piece, brilliant idea, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great ideas, LuAnn! I woke up this morning thinking about what I have on hand that I could use... and the sun is forecast for the coming days... time to get the paints and resists out!

  5. fabulous...I usually use botanicals...but now I need to find some lacy curtains!!!!!

  6. Inspired indeed!! Super post and pictures. You certainly made some stunning prints!

  7. This is a fantastic and inspiring post with beautiful results. Thank you!

  8. The fabric is wonderful BUT I love the first photo of the brushes and can see this in a quilt.


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