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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shibori Folding - second bath

Now that we have some nice dyed pieces, let's see what happens if we dye some of them once again with another colourcombination:

I added warm water, soda-ash and salt and two teaspoons of blue and two teaspoons of turquoise dyepowder (Drimarene-K this time, though Procion MX would be good too).

Looks pretty good and what a pile of coasters I have ;-)

Let's continue with the resultst tomorrow!


  1. Hei Nienke,

    All this work, I enjoy it and I'm happy that you are going to dye some pieces again, that is exactly what I was thinking about. Very curious to see your results.
    I was dyeing with you the first four times, but I'm out of dye now and have to make time to make new.
    The results are very good, only my pongee silk not, probably that was to thin.
    Hope to see more this month, greeting Eke Krug

  2. Nou maak je ons wel erg nieuwsgierig.
    Ben het met Eke eens, wat een werk heb je al verzet!


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