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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The pleats

So, let's pick the two pieces which look most similar to eachother.
Fuse them with fusible web / vliesofix. Remove the paper afterwards.

Put the pieces on top of eachother

And cut them together to get the same size:

 Now, don't move your pieces, and start cutting 1,5 cm (about 0,55 inch) both layers at the same time:

Now iron the strips on a piece of thin fabric. Start with strip 1 piece A, followed by strip 1 piece B. Continue with strip 2 piece A, followed by strip 2 piece B.
Remember, don't move around with your cutting mat or the pieces..., you will not be able to refind the correct sequence anymore. 
After ironing, fold every second strip double, and stitch it at the edge. It doesn't matter if it is 100%perfect but try to keep a straight line.

Voila, your 3D paintsplash is visible.

Tomorrow, 'what to do with piece 3 and 4'!


  1. I like this, and I will certainly try it.

  2. This is sooo cool! I would be interested to find out how you discovered this idea!

    Thank you for explaining the steps so clearly. You must be a good teacher.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. This is really interesting. It reminds me of a paper technique I did years and years ago but with two different pictures. Hum..Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. GORGEOUS!! And quite frankly...I would love to do a piece and just stop before folding and stitching. That piece on its own is FANTASTIC! I love this technique...(even got inspired as a way to accomplish a look for a piece I've been thinking about doing! THANKS!)


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