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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thumbs up tools

My turn for 'thumbs up' tools. As we are in cold lowland, most of the time we need some warmth to get those brilliant reactive dye colours. I use a cheap rice warmer for this purpose:

And I love regular sandwich bags to batch my dyed fabrics:

Recently, Drimarene-K, a fiber-reactive dye (as Procion-MX) reached the Netherlands as well, in a granulated form, so much less powder to fly around:

Love the deepness of the colours as well!

Also, a +1 to these dye tools, one can be used with those fragile stencils, the other two are  made of nylon synthetic fibre, so the dye-solution does not stick to the brush:

Finally, and this will definetely confirm the assumption that dutch people are tidy, it's my brandnew hand vacuum cleaner, to keep my workplace clean.

I love the ease and light weight of this brilliant, cordless, cleaner. So, enough 'likes' generated. What are your favourite tools?


  1. What's a vacuum cleaner? Just kidding. I really like the rice warmer idea - very clever, you! Glad you mentioned dye as well. Your dye experiments on your blog are fabulous.

  2. These Drimarene-K dyes look just great. You made me VERY curious about them!


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