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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BSR ( Bernina Stich Regulator)

The tools I used the most during the creating process, computer and camera, have been discussed already.There is however one item that also gives me a lot of pleasure: the BSR on the Bernina 410 quilter edition.

Of course, real quilters prefer the use of the darning foot, I am aware of that, because the BSR tends to skip stitches from time to time. But to me , he gives me a kind of freedom.
I only use quilting when it is really necessary. This work ( 2008) is quilted a bit to much for me.
Most of the time, the fabric is too beautiful to add anything else. Putting on some accents is usually more than enough.( to give dept etc.)

Other works consists of quilting on " vanishing fleece". With this procedure I really can let go in drawing with the machine.
This are " window quilten"                    House in oure street.

                                                   Vieuw of my room in Marrakesh


  1. Ann, Any tool that helps you make those beautiful quilts gets my thumbs up!! It must be fun using the BSR.

  2. SO, if I use this BSR foot I can make those pretty things too??? Just joking, I really love your work, and it's the artist who makes the tool sing I guess.

  3. I can only agree with the statements above. A tool is just a tool, useful as it may be, but a good work has the ability to capture your attention and that comes from YOU.


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