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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Now...A Special Video Just for You

I'm SO excited to announce that Nancy Eha is debuting a new YouTube video on the Fire blog. She is such a creative beader; I think you will really enjoy this new technique. Thank you Nancy!

 "Thank you Beth for asking me to be your guest artist, and spotlighting my book Bead Creative Art Quilts! I have been teaching beading on fabric nationally for over 20 years for quilt guilds and quilting conferences. I make workshop videos for almost everything I teach so that students can see my hands and the tiny beads on a large scale. I have made a new video especially for And Then We Set It on Fire and Beth’s current focus on embellishments. It is my technique, Beaded Coils, found inside my book Bead Creative Art Quilts. Beaded Coils is one of many new beading techniques I have developed via endless hours of asking what if questions of beads and fabric. I hope you enjoy and learn new beading skills from this video. You can see more of my “obsessively” beaded art quilts and look inside my books at my web site BeadCreative.com"

Click on the following link to view the video:

Let us know how you liked the video. Do you think you will give it a try? 


  1. Thank you, thank you! That book is on my current wish list and the video demonstrated something that I can't wait to try! Love this series!

  2. Great video lesson! I found Nancy's instructions to be very clear and easy to follow... must try this!

  3. A picture, especially a video picture is worth a thousand words. GREAT! Thanks

  4. I was stitching in my lap and listening more than watching and was impressed. Then when it got to the 11th minute and she showed the cat's tail. WOW! I got excited. It'll be awhile before I try this because I have so many other projects on the burner...but love the info to tuck away for future.

  5. Great video lesson. Thank you Nancy.


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