Thursday, January 24, 2013

And ´my first beads´ too...

Thank you Beth for giving us so much information, bringing on new ideas on beading etc.
I tried beading on my most recent mini-piece(s) for the first time in my life. Never too old to learn ;-):

They are made to be framed, I think the sparkle of the beads really adds interest for this type of mini-quilt.
Thanks Beth for sharing!


  1. That's nice, Nienke! I love your stamps.

  2. These are beautiful. The beads add a nice sparkle and texture. Thank YOU for trying something new.

  3. Beautiful colors and a well balanced picture, my compliments Nienke

  4. Vooral de laatste is bijzonder, gr.mia

  5. This is beautiful. Love the colors together and the beads add just the right touch!


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