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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Orange Stripes Redux

After I last posted on this blog, I was unhappy with my piece and received lots of good advice.

I mostly decided to stop taking myself so seriously.

I had another piece of the monoprint/resist-stenciled fabric that was similar to the first piece I used for this technique. I laid one on top of the other and started cutting.

I had a computer blow-up during the weekend, but I found the photos I took of my cutting and stitching of the pieces (Mr S said they were there...I just had to find them).

After a bunch of slicing and dicing, I wound up with these two pieces.  I sewed them together into one piece. I wasn't real careful with my stitching, so it isn't real flat -- there are some tucks and small gathers. 

I still had the pile-o'-turquoise out because I thought it would be the best.  But a little strip of orange (yes-- orange again!) was sitting out left over from a stuffy I made for my daughter this past weekend. 

So I added it.  And I liked it.  So I cut some friends for it.   And added them.   This time I used skinny strips.  And what a difference!

This is where it stands.  It's about 19 by 14 inches.   I rather like it like this -- I'm inclined to leave it here.  Any suggestions?

Should I quilt it?  Add some paint?  Just enjoy it as art cloth?  Or add (gasp) some more strips?


  1. What I see in the orange lines are three uninterrupted stripes of color. Every other line in the piece is cut through. This can either be a way of emphasizing the orange as a focal point or, in my opinion, leaving it feeling unfinished. I guess I'm looking for a little more (gasp, indeed!) strip work!

  2. The second photo was the show stopper for me. The curved cutting lines contrasting the straight strips is totally awesome! I love the vase-like appearance.

    In the 4th photo the larger vase shape is in front & smaller in back giving a terrific depth!

    in the 4th photo the piece to the right, the line from corner to corner is what I expected to see you do in the orange. It's such a lovely curve.

    In the final photo I still she the lovely oval(ish) shapes that give background movement. First I woudl turn the piece clockwise once. Then from the top right hand corner I see an orange line running from right to left stopping about midway down. I agree then that you would probably need one more orange strip so you aren't even numbered. So my idea is probably lame but that's what I see. The turquoise and lime green solids are lovely together.

    Can wait to see it done.


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