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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Piecing lines

Reading Kathy´s blogpost, I felt the urge to try it asap... as I have so many nice fabrics which I didn´t touch until now.
Like this breakdown print cloth, already in my closet for 2 years now... not knowing what to do with it. This was the perfect opportunity. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

... or perhaps this way up?

That was great fun. I am thinking of sewing the other 5 pieces I have from the same screen, the same way and join them to one big piece afterwards. I could take it one level higher by sewing more lines and make the lines even smaller. We´ll see how that works out. Thank you Kathy for your inspiration and clear description!


  1. Nienke -- this looks great! I like the way you did two pieces from the same raw materials.

    If you do make several more, you could sew two or three together and then add some fine lines that cross the entire expanse, to visually join the segments together. Then continue sewing everything else together.

  2. Oooh -- I like this! I especially like the way you worked the fabrics together.

  3. What a great use of your fabric and the colors play so well together. It looks like you've really mastered Kathy's technique.

  4. Her post was quite inspirational, I love where you've taken it. The fabric you choose works perfectly for her technique I think. I love actually using something I've held on to forever.

  5. Nienke wil je me dit eens leren?Ik vind het zo leuk!

  6. I really admire how well you incorporated the two fabrics. I am trying a second experiment with skinny lines and am following your example. I hope I am as successful!


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