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Monday, April 9, 2012

My first gelatine prints

As a new member of this blog, I´m happy to join the monthly theme.
Well there is a gelliplate on its way to me but I didn´t want to wait. So an old sachet gelatine powder with a pint of water will do for now, I made a bowl full of it, small but fine for a first try.

I have deliberately not removed the foam layer, because I ´ve seen in Quilting Arts pretty prints of bubbles through this layer. But it didn´t work out for me ;-) so I think the next time I need some more air into the mass.
I used thickened procion dyes on soda soaked cotton:

Nice but a bit boring, these solid patches. So following the first blog I added a string on the surface. I painted it with thickened procion , so it not only works as a resist but also as a printmatter:

By playing with the string you get some nice effects of multiple layersI also played with a dragonfly sticker but that's not my ´cup of tea´:

Nice experiment, it definetely wants to be repeated! Could there be a start of a modern quilt in it or is it more touching the artquilt-corner? I hate to make choices on forehand so let´s see where it ends up.

If you want to read this in dutch, please check my personal blog: http://verfvirus.blogspot.com/2012/04/gelatine-printen.html


  1. I like the way you think. You certainly have jumped in with both feet and knowing you a bit, I can't wait to see where you go from here!

  2. I like your bubble idea - I may have to go looking for that too. :)

  3. very cool. I have not used dyes but fabric paints... do you think there is much difference?

  4. @Kit Lang, pls chck the february issue, no 55, page 24, have to retry myself too!

    @upstateLisa, to my opinion the fabric paint will be more crisp, less blending. But I should give it a try to know for sure ;-). How many days are there in April?

  5. This is a wonderful result, Nienke. I have never done this with thickened dyes and have only ever taught it with paints.
    (IMO, paints are much easier, cleaner, less messy, less work; no chemicals, you don't have to wash the fabric afterwards...and the results are just as good. You don't need a lot of paint.) I have done it with my grandchildren In fact, I am teaching gelatin printing next weekend to a guild in NY City.

    That said, I love what you have done! Thanks for sharing the pix.

  6. Nice work! I have bubbles on the top side of the gelatin in my fridge right now -- I'll have to play around with it!

  7. It's looking good in English as well, Nienke! ;-)


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