Sunday, April 22, 2012

More gelatine print

I learned that the gelatine gets more interesting, when left for a week or so. But no one told me about the smell... but I overcame my resistance ;-) and placed new pieces of fabric on the painted gelatine... didn´t work out, I qualify them as quite boring...

The only one I liked, is the one with the orange net:

With the left-overs of thickened dyes, I made some nice cloth just by working with templates from Stewart Gill:

Will get rid of the gelatine and wait for my gelli plate to arrive ;-).

Did you see this blogpost, many more possibilities with the gelliplate/gelatin:


  1. Thank you Nienke for this posting - I wondered how long the gelatine plate would last?

  2. I, too was wondering how long the gelatin plate would last before the smell came in. And a question..did the resulting fabric carry the bad smell?


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